1. Science Forum

The college Science Forum aims to kindle the spirit of enquiry in students. The forum intends to help them find out answers to the Whats Whens Whys and Wheres of the Universe, which they often confront. The forum conducts seminars, workshops, quiz programmes, science exhibitions etc. for this purpose.

Teachers In Charge: Sri. Shibu. A. Nair, Sri. Mohammed Areej E M, Smt. Shaheedha T M, Smt. Shemi C B

2. Butea Nature Club

The survival of our planet is inseparably connected with the survival of its flora and fauna. The purpose of the club is to sow in the minds of the young generation a positive vibrant attitude towards nature and ecology. As members students are encourage to participate actively in environment education and conservation work which is so relevant in our times and a vital pre requisite for the welfare of the nation and the survival of mankind. Butea Nature Club functions in this college with this aim and is affiliated to WWF and nature club and council of Kerala

Teacher In Charge: Dr. Asma V M, Dr. Jisha K C

3. Health Club

Personal Hygene and clean surroundings are the pre requisite of a healthy society. The Health Club unit of M.E.S Asmabi College envisages awareness programmes and consultations on the health related matters to make its neighbourhood more clean and healthy. The college health club also ensures that every student has undergone the compulsory medical checkup conducted in the college.

Teacher In Charge: Lt. M. B. Bindil

4. Legal Literacy Club

A Legal Literacy Club is functioning in our college in affiliation with Taluk legal Service Committee, Kodungallur for conducting legal awareness programmes. The purpose behind this programme is focussing on Law and nurturing a mind set among students for promoting Rule of Law.

Teacher In Charge: Sri. Mohammed Areej K M, Smt. Jameelath K A

5. ED Club

Department of Industries and Commerce, Govt. of Kerala in association with Education Department formulated Entrepreneurial Culture among the youth and equip them with the skill, technique and confidence to act as a torch bearers of Enterprise for the new generation.

Co-ordinator: Smt. K. M. Sefiya

6. Bhoomithrasena

Teachers in Charge: Dr. Asma V M, Dr. Jisha K C

7. Readers Forum

Teachers in Charge: Smt. Reshmi. S, Smt. Chithra .P, Smt. Shiji T.S, Smt. Jasheena

8. Womens Forum

Teachers in Charge: Dr. V. R. Jayalakshmi, Smt. Sheena P A, Smt. Shaheedha T. M., Smt. Ashida Arshad

9. Health Club

Teacher in Charge: Lt. M. B. Bindil

10. Film Club

Teachers in Charge: Smt. Veena Lakshmi U R, Smt Mona P M, Smt. Raji P B

11. Quiz  Club

Teachers in Charge: Sri. Shibu A. Nair, Smt. Reshma, Smt. Thanzeela Ibrahim

12. Fine Arts Club

Convenor: Smt. Sabitha M M

Joint Convenor: Sri. Shafeer P S

Members: Smt. Jameelath K A, Smt. Jisha K C, Sri. Prasanth A P

13. Tourism Club

Convenor: Smt. Jeena P M, Smt. Shiney C N, Smt. Sefiya K M

14. AntiRagging

Convenor: Dr. K Shaji

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