Fee Regulations

1.    Fee for the whole term will be levied from the students who leave the college in the course of a term.

2.    No transfer certificate shall be issued to those whom there are dues to the college

3.    On the days fixed for the payment of fee for a particular class fee from others will not be accepted.

4.    Tuition fee will be collected in three installments on dates noted in the calendar. Special fee and other dues have to be paid along with the first installment.

5.    Fee to a month becomes due on the first working day of the month. After seventh working day a fine of Rs. 5 will be due for ten days after which an additional fine of Rs. 10 will be due for the rest of the month. After this date the student will be considered as defaulter and he will lose attendance. If the student is to be re admitted, he has to apply for the special permission of the principal and also has to remit all the arrears of fees with fine.

6.    Full fee concession is granted to students belonging to SC/ST and other eligible communities. Other students are also eligible for fee concession if they produce necessary income and community certificates at the time of admission.

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