Innovative Practices

Innovative Practices

Dept. of Hindi:

1. Student Faculty Exchange Programme

2. Hindi Sevi Samman

3. Erudite Lecture Series

Dept. of Aquaculture:

1. CUSAT PG CAT Coaching

2. Managing Social media group of Dept. alumni

3. Giving placement support

4. Giving special training in fish processing technology in CIFT, or NIFPHAT

5. Showing educational videos to students

6. Using Virtual labs

7. Using e- resourses for teaching

8. Students are presenting seminar as power point presentation

9. Students are setting and maintaining aquarium in the Dept.

10. The Dept. has collaboration with National Fish Seed Farm, Palakkad, MATSYAFED, NBFGR, CIFT, NIFPHAT, P.G. Dept. of Aquaculture of M.E.S. Ponnaani College, and CMFRI in student training, farmer’s workshops and organising exhibitions.

Dept. of Commerce

1. Peace home visit

2. Student home visit

3. Personal Counselling to students

4. Projector aided classes

5. Teacher student interaction in the Dept.

6. Promoting Social Commitment

7. Mathrusangamam- an awareness programme to the mothers of female students

8. Socio Economic survey

9. Student’s leave register

Dept. of Botany

1. Organic Vegetable Cultivation

2. Karkidakakanji

3. Planning to start Bio Diversity register of  the campus

4. Provides inform,ation about the Forest Right Act to the tribal people of Western Ghat area