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1. Students are reminded that practical work is the foundation of the study of science. Each student is required to give the most earnest and careful attention to it.
2. The students are required to keep the record books neat, legible and systematic.
3. Those students who break any article or apparatus will be required to replace it. If the article has been broken due to of carelessness they will have to pay a fine in addition to replacing them.
4. If any article are stolen, the student will be suspended from the laboratory and necessary action will be taken against them.
5. Students must observe strict silence in the laboratory.
6. The students are responsible for the safe custody of apparatus given to them. When they finish their work they must leave the apparatus in the same position, in which they were placed originally.
7. Students are responsible for the apparatus entrusted to them and should have to pay a fine if they are found missing or broken and the lab dues thus arise are to be cleared before appearing for the examination.