The Self financing Department of Commerce started in the year 2005 BBA were added in 2013 headed by Smt. Ramlath K A. Objective of this course are  to provide the basic and essential knowledge regarding various activities undertaken and necessary to run socially responsible business organization and helpful in taking up any particular activity in a business .To make them responsible to specialize in the areas of management like human resource, finance, operations, marketing and systems.  To inform the micro level concepts of business and management like insurance, retail marketing, supply chain, knowledge management etc. and finally to develop the culture of business and entrepreneurial aptitude among the people at large.


B.B.A.6 Semesters+2 or equivalent



Assistant Professor


Reshma A R

Assistant Professor


Abdul Yafiz K.M

Assistant Professor


  1. 1. As part of “GRAMIKA” a social commitment programme of MES Asmabi College BBA department  conducteda class on “TRAINING FOR THE PRODUCTION OF SOAP AND ALLIED PRODUCTS” in Shariathul Madrassa, P O Pathazhakkadu, Vemballur , 16th ward, S.N Purampanchayathon 05/12/2018.
  2. Conducted a visit by Second BBA students to Peace HomeThrissur on 12-02-2018.
  3. Class went for a three days trip to Koorg , Vayandu , Kudak on 17 -02-2018

4    . As part of “GRAMIKA” a social commitment programme of MES Asmabi College BBA   department                             conducted a class on “craft making by using waste materials” in SNK U P School, P O Pathazhakkadu,                 Vemballur , 16th ward, S.N Purampanchayath on 07/02/2018.

5.         Conducted an Inter Collegiate Management Fest Elysian 2K18 on 27-02-2018