The Department of Chemistry was initiated in 1968 from the very inception of the College as it was one of the subjects in Pre-Degree courses. Prof. P.A. Ameer Ali was the founder Professor and Head of the Department (1968 – 2000). Later in 1979, Chemistry at graduate level was started as complementary to B.Sc Botany and later to B.Sc Physics in 2009.

In 1970s several eminent faculty members joined the department and the department expanded rapidly in terms of quality of teaching as well. Various faculty members made significant contributions in improving the vision and focus of the students in the subject. Later other young and energetic faculty members have also joined the department as well till the Pre-Degree course was removed from colleges. At present, there is one faculty in the department working as a guest Lecturer.

The Department currently has one laboratory for undergraduates. The laboratory is equipped with all the necassary facilities like electronic balances (with accuracy upto 1 mg), centrifuge, air oven etc along with all requisite glass wares and chemicals.

The department, from its days of adolescence onwards has kept very high standards in teaching and guiding the students to increase their thirst to deepen their awareness in the subject, create a strong will to learn, develop a quality thought process and strengthen the interest in the subject. The culture is maintained at present as well with a goal to inspire the students to reach the highest realms of their knowledge.


Complementary Chemistry for BSc. Physics and BSc. Botany


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Dr. Ansar E B

Head of the Department & Assistant Professor