The intention of forming Malayalam Department’s Folklore club is introducing to the new generation, about Kerala’s unique culture and folk art form. With the affiliation of Kerala folklore academy in 2003,a club has been functioning since 2003,in the name of Samskriti. In each and every year seminars and stage performance of folk art forms has been conducting under the folklore club.


Department of Malayalam conducted a Workshop ‘ChakyarKootheAragumAniyaraum’ on 25th November 2015. AmmanurRajaneshMadhavaChakyarperformed ChakyarKoothe on stage.







Department of Malayalam conducted the formal Inauguration of Folklore club and conducted a Seminar ‘Introduction to Folklore on 23rd August the world Folklore day.






Department of Malayalam conducted atwo day UGC  Sponsored National Seminar on 25th & 26th  August 2014 on Eco-Concepts in the Folkculture.









Teacher in charge: Dr. Jaisy David, Liji. T