Dr. A. Biju




Dr. Mohammed Nasser K M

H.O.D., Dept. of Botany



Dr. Kesavan K 

IQAC Co-ordinator



Dr. Amitha Bachan K H 

Co-ordinator, Research Promotion Council



Dr. Jaisy David

H.O.D., Dept. of Malayalam




To create awareness on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) among staff and student community.

Conduct awareness programmes on IPR.

Efforts to ensure IPR content in curricula across all programmes/certificate/diploma/B. Voc courses.

Ensuring adherence to the Plagiarism Policies of the Institution.


Intellectual property plays an important role in providing a competitive edge to any Institution. The tangible assets like inventions, designs, software, brand name and other creative & innovative ideas are more valuable than physical assets. The  IPR Cell is committed to encourage, protect, manage and commercialize Intellectual Property such as Patent, Copyright, Trademark etc. generated through the College. The cell creates conducive environment in the academics for the development of Intellectual Property. Faculty and  research students of MES Asmabi College are actively engaged in creating awareness on IPR in academics and research and strictly adheres to the Plagiarism Policies of the institution.


It is necessary to protect the Intellectual property in order to enable organizations to earn recognition or financial benefits. Governments of various countries protect the innovative ideas of the inventors through Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Recently, IPR has become a central issue in the developed and developing countries. The rationale for this IPR lies in the need to create awareness about the importance of IPRs as a marketable financial asset and economic tool among the researchers, faculty and students of the College.

Intellectual property Rights: means the rights derived from the IP e.g. Patents, registered designs, copy right etc.

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