Dr. Ajims P Mohammed B.Tech., M.B.A., Ph.D.

Our present principal is Dr. Ajims P. Mohammed. He is also holding positions of Chairman, Board of Studies, BBA, University of Calicut. Member, Board of Studies, MBA, University of Calicut. Member, Governing Council for the Management of Board of Studies, University of Calicut. Member, Kerala Management Association. Member, Kerala State Education Advisory Board. Member, Technical Support Group, RUSA.



Prof. K. K. Abdul Kadir

Prof. C. J. Abdul Salam

Prof. A. K. Hydross (Late) (Prof. In Charge)

Prof. C. A. Abdussalam

Prof. A. Yousaf (Prof. In Charge)

Prof. P. K. Noorudeen

Prof. M. Mohamed

Prof. P. K. Yaqoob

Dr. A. Biju

Dr. Ajims P. Mohammed

Dr. K Shaji (Principal In Charge)

Dr. Ajims P Mohammed