The rules and regulations of the college are framed by the management and principal in accordance with Government rules and the rulings of the Hon. High Court of Kerala from time to time to ensure a peaceful campus atmosphere. The college community is bound to abide by such rules. The violation of these rules will invoke not only contempt of court but also invite punishment.

  1. As per the judgement WA535/03 of the Honourable High Court of Kerala, political activism is strictly banned in the campus. Students are forbidden to organize or attend meetings other than the official ones. Students resorting to strike are strictly prohibited from entering the veranda of the building, class rooms or the campus.
  2. As per the judgement in RP 435/03 by the Honourable High Court of Kerala and the directives of the Registrar of University of Calicut No. L. C. SW (2) College Union Election/ OP/04 dated 02-03-05 to this effect, the Management of the college has the right to hold the union election in the parliamentary form or any other manner it deems right for the maintenance of discipline in the campus.
  3. Ragging, Teasing, intimidating, harassing, using words of abuse etc. On junior students especially female students within the campus or outside is a punishable crime under Police act and such matters will be immediately reported to the police. Students involved in such acts will be adequately punished.
  4. The students are expected to be cleanly and respectably dressed.
  5. Students shall always behave with dignity and courtesy and their behaviour in the college shall conform to the standards of academic decorum.
  6. No student shall leave or enter the class room without the permission of the teacher.
  7. Furniture in the class room should not be dislocated or damaged. All serious and wilful damage will be required to pay for which such penalty as may be imposed by the principal.
  8. Any disfigurement or damage to college building, water, gas, fire, electrical installations, gardens and premises will be punished and the cost of the damages if any will be recovered.
  9. Students are forbidden to organize or attend any meeting in the college or to collect money for any purpose without the prior permission of the principal.
  10. Students will be expelled from the college for breach of discipline by the principal in consultation with the college council and there shall be no appeal to the decision taken by the college council.
  11. Smoking and using or keeping alcoholic drinks or drugs are strictly forbidden in the college campus.
  12. The principal or duly constituted college authority may frame and issue disciplinary rules of permanent or temporary nature regulating the conduct of students within the campus or hostel premises from time to time and the students are obliged to obey them.
  13. Educational concessions awarded to students are liable to forfeiture for misconduct and the concessions will be withdrawn.
  14. Irregular attendance, habitual inattention to class works and obscenity in words or deeds are sufficient reasons for permanent or temporary dismissal of the students.
  15. Students and outsiders are not allowed to be present in the campus after 4.30 pm without genuine reason
  16. Students should not crowd in the verandas or sit on the side walls of the corridors obstructing passage
  17. As per the High Court order students and outsiders are not permitted to bring vehicles in to the campus during class hours. They have to park the vehicles in the allotted places.
  18. Carrying and using mobile phones inside the campus is strictly prohibited.
  19. Cinematic dance and other forms of performances having vulgar and indecent connotations are banned from performing in the campus.
  20. Writing, sticking walls of the college campus are strictly prohibited.
  21. It has been noticed that students are regularly using correction inks for writing on furniture and walls of the college. It can also be used as a drug. To prevent these practices and due to proven health hazards associated with its use the students are warned against bringing correction pens to the college