NameSayana K A
DesignationGuest Lecturer
QualificationsMsc Industrial Fisheries
Area of SpecializationFishing Technology
Achievements/AwardsBest paper award in 11 th INDIAN FISHERIES & AQUACULTURE FORUM (11IFAF)
Membership in Academic Bodies of
Universities/Autonomous Colleges.
Lifetime member in Society of Fisheries Technologists (India)
Date of Joining02-07-2018
AddressKochikkaparambil House
P.O. Koolimuttam
Thrissur (Dt)
PublicationsBook - CIFT Fishing Systems Catalogue 7 - Mechanised Marine Fishing Systems: Karnataka and Goa authored by Pravin P., Leela Edwin,Remesan M. P.,Madhu V. R.,
Baiju M. V., Saly N Thomas, Aravind S. Kalangutkar, Sayana K. A.
1.       Appraisal of trawl design operated along Kerala coast. Sayana, K.A., Rameshan,M.P., Madhu,V.R., Pravin,P. and Leela Edwin (2016) Fishery Technology. 53: 30-36
2.       Sapphire: a new material for large mesh drift gillnet in Gujarat – Muhammed Sherief P.S., Sreejith P.T., Sayana K.A., Dhiju Das P. H., Saly N. Thomas, Remesan M.P. and Leela Edwin (2015), Fishery Technology. 52(1):-62-66
3.       Fuel saving through material substitution in trawls (2017) Remesan M.P., Madhu V.R., Sayana K.A., Prabeesh Kumar, M.V., Harikrishnan K.R. and Leela Edwin. Fish Tech Reporter 3(1):3-5