Providing  affordable and quality higher education to all, especially to the backward, the women and the marginalized people, the Muslims, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and empowering of the less-privileged through education and also providing of education in tune with national and international standards.


  • Empowerment of the downtrodden and backward classes
  • Imparting quality higher education for women
  • Promotion of secularism and democracy
  • Moral uplift and trust in God
  • Moulding a self-reliant and socially-accountable young generation
  • Emphasis on modern methods and tools of teaching and learning, with sufficient accent on value added education
  • Inculcating social responsibility in student clan by involving them in community oriented activities.
  • Promote entrepreneurial, leadership, organizational and life skills in students.
  • Creating maintaining an atmosphere of oneness among staff, students and society
  • Evolve a student community having academic and professional excellence
  • Infuse eco-consciousness in students and community.


  • Nurturing Global Competencies among Students

To foster global competencies and skill in students our institution has an array of collaborations and network with established agencies and bodies. The tie ups with their innovative, creative and entrepreneurial approach prepare the students to face global challenges successfully.

  • Contributing to National Development

Contributing to national development has always been one of the core values of our institution. Incorporating the ideals of social justice, equity and imparting liberal education to all cutting across the barriers of caste, class and creed, our institution caters to the demands of society and country at large and thereby ensures its indelible imprint in nation building process.

  • Inculcating a Value System among Students

Our college provides appropriate learning experiences and opportunities which muster core universal values like truth and righteousness. The curricular and extra curricular activities of the college are in par with the values and ideals enshrined and emphasized in the various policy documents of the country.

  • Promoting the Use of Technology

Our institution undertakes technological advancements and innovations in educational transactions thereby making a technical impact on academic development and administration. Significant technological innovations like ICT enabled teaching, electronic data management have been effectively implemented by the institution.

  • Quest for Excellence

Our home community of teachers, students and management strive to mould the institution into a centre of excellence through a future oriented and interdisciplinary paradigm of ‘learning’.