Thrissur is known as the Cultural capital of Kerala. This sector of central Kerala continues to possess great love for Hindi right from remote past. Kodungallur with its enormous cultural heritage, has naturally inherited flair for Hindi and for this cause ,this language spread its wing with parallel with Malayalam, the mother tongue of Kerala . Hindi, a member of the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European family of languages, is, by any standard, one of the major languages of the world. With upwards of 300 million native speakers, it ranks between the third and fifth among the world’s languages in terms of the number of native speakers. Along with English, Hindi is one of the two officially recognized national languages of India. It is in this milieu ,the Management of M.E.S Asmabi college decided to include Hindi under its tutelage and establish a separate Department for it on 1968 .

The department of Hindi at  M.E.S Asmabi  Collage was established in 1968 and is thus one of the oldest  departments  in  college. Hindi taught here as a subsidiary subject  for  various disciplines. In effect, Hindi was taught to almost all the students who were admitted in different courses . Students are enthused to participate in debates and public speaking so that they learn the art of stating arguments, putting their points in logical order and making convincing statements.


The Department aims to produce Socially and culturally conscious, Linguistically skilled, Intellectually   competent and personally committed students.


To help the students understand the greatness and necessity of the

National language

To make Hindi language more application oriented through various activities.

To have an in depth understanding of Hindi literature. To improve their reading and writing skill.

To strengthen student’s ability to analyze, interpret and evaluate literary expression

To understand the needs of the society and act accordingly. 


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Nisha M D

Guest Lecturer


Prof. AbdulKader Lebba1968-2000
Prof. Beegum Rukhiyat Beevi1977-1999
Prof. A M Pathumma2000-2005
Dr. Ranjith M2009-2017
Dr. Sumesh A S2017-2018


        Department conducted International, National and Regional Seminars/workshops on various topics related with Hindi and Indian Literature. Department  also published Manuscript Magazines and Laureates Dictionary .

               Test papers, assignments and group discussions are organized to monitor the academic performance of the students. The students who opts Hindi as Second language  are well versed in Hindi language and literature to face the current challenges of the job market and eligibility to enter higher studies in Hindi.

* Faculty-Student Exchange Programme-   is an innovative programme of       Department of Hindi, in which the students who learns Hindi  visit near by collages and participates in seminars

*Hindi Sevi samman (National Award)

*Publishing Manuscript Magazines

*Erudite Lecture Series

*Question Bank prepared by students

*Student centred National Seminars

*Hindi film song lover’s club

*Inter Departmental Programmes

*Conducting International/National/Regional/College level  Seminars & Workshops

*Hosting National level cultural events

  Research Projects   

       Completed one MINOR RESEARCH PROJECT  on the topic “Environmental perspectives in Hindi sufi poetry” Sanctioned by UGC .

MRP(H)-1239/10-11/KLCA035/UGC-SWRO. Amount Sanctioned 1,00,000


  • Bin Pani sab soon, Nature awareness programme  on 01.08.18, Resourse person – Dr.AmitaBachan,IUCN Member
  • Hindi Sevi samman distribution National Award on 02.08.18, Resourse person – Dr.Sr.Rose Anto
  • KABEERDAS AUR SOORDAS on 02/06/16, Resourse person – Balu,Riya,Rohit
  • MAHILA RACHNAKRON KI RACHNAYEN on 01/08/16, Resourse person – Kavya,Anusha
  • SWATNROTTR KAHANI on 06/08/16, Resourse person -Namitha,Manjusha
  • HINDI SAHITY EK PUNARPATH National Seminar on 06/08/16, Resourse person -Dr.C. JBabu(Pondicherry), Dr.Vishnu Ray(Kolkatta)
  • HINDI URDU KII SAAJHEE VIRASAT National Seminar on 22,23.08.16, Resourse person -Dr.C.J Babu,Eeshwar karun(Chennai)
  • MULTILINGUAL BLOGGING National Workshop on 14/07/15, Resourse person -Dr.Cjayashankar Babu,Central Univrsity of Pondicherry
  • HINDI SAHITY KE YATRA VRITANANT on 17/09/2015, Resourse person -Dr.Chandrashekhar,Dr.rajesh kumar manans (Chatisgadh)
  • CIVIL MILITARY RELATIONS IN INDIAN LITERATURE International Seminar, UGC on 18,19.09.2015
  • NATIONAL DRAMA FESTIVAL Cultural Programme on 08.01.14 Resourse person -PRERANAKALAMANCH, VARANASI
  • ICT FOR TEACHING AND LEARNING  HINDI LANGUAGE AND  LITERATURE on 19,20.06.14 ,Resourse person -Dr.C Jayashankar Babu,Pondicherry
  • BHARATIYA SANSKRITI AUR SAHITY on 01.02.14, Resourse person -Dr.Namdev  yemekar,Maharashtr
  • HINDI KA VAIGYANIK SWARUP on 18.07.13, Resourse person -UMAKANTKHUBALKAR,Asst.Director CSTT NewDelhi
  • HINDI KATHASAHITY MEM BAALPATR UGC National Seminar on 19/20.07.13 , Resourse person –
  • Dr.C.Jayashankar Babu, Sri.Umakant Khubalkar(Newdelhi), Dr.BindhuBhatt(Gujarat)
  • INDIAN THEOSOPHY AND CULTURE Nationall Seminar on 18.02.2012, Resourse person -DR.M.LAKSHMI KUMARI
  • RAAJ BHASHA HINDI 0n 04.01.2011, Resourse person -Dr.B.P.NIDARIYA,ASST.DIRECTOR ,C.H.D.,NEWDELHI
  • PORTRAYAL OF WOMEN HINDI IN HINDI FICTION UGC National Seminar on 11,12.07.2011, Resourse person -Dr.MUHD.KUNGHUMETHARU(Aligar,UP)


Manuscript Magazines

Name Category Date of Publication

Hindi saahity ke nirmatha

Creative Magazine

Reference Book



Story to drama” Creative Magazine 11.11.2011
Kairali” Creative Magazine 26.01.2011
Kafan aur daud addhyayan Creative Magazine 05.01.2012
Kai Adayalangal Creative Magazine 19.03.2012
Sarjanan Creative Magazine 09.10.2013
Taaj aur  Bhikshuk addhyayan Creative Magazine 15.08.2013
Orikkal —Oritathu Travelogue Collection 31.01.2017
Sameeksha- Creative Magazine 01.08.2018

Research Journals

  • Special issue of College Research journal Meridian July 2011
  • Special issue of College Research journal Meridian December 2013 ISSN 2278-750x
  • Special issue of College Research journal Meridian December 2014 ISSN 2278-750x
  • Special issue of College Research journal Meridian 2016


In different departments of the Central government , State governments (in Hindi speaking States), it is mandatory to work in Hindi language. So there are various posts like Hindi Officer, Hindi Translator, Hindi Assistant, Manager (Official language) in different departments and units of Central / State governments.

The opportunities have increased manifold with the advent of private TV and Radio channels and launch of Hindi versions of established magazines / newspapers. In the field of Hindi media, there is a need for Editors, Reporters, Correspondents, Sub Editors, Proof Readers, Radio Jockey, Anchors etc. A Degree / Diploma in Journalism / Mass Communication along with academic qualification in Hindi is an added advantage for job seekers. One can serve the mediums of Radio / TV / Cinema as a Script Writer / Dialogue Writer / Lyricist. This field necessitates a natural and artistic mastery of creative writing. But a degree / diploma in creative writing will enhance one’s style of writing.

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