Physical Education is the interdisciplinary study of all areas of science relating to the transmission of physical knowledge and skills to an individual or a group, the application of these skills and their results. It is an integral part of the general education and without the former the latter is incomplete. Physical Education creates healthy individuals who even become a contributing member of the society.
The department of Physical Education is as old as the college itself. It was an essential part of the history of the college from its inception in 1968. The challenge of laying the foundation on which the future activities of the department flourished was courageously carried out by the first faculty member of the department Prof. Vijayan. The playground that was merely a piece of land of loose soil on which it was difficult even to walk, gradually metamorphosed in to the present one having adequate facilities to play Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Kabaddi , Athletics etc.
After his retirement selection grade Lecturer Antony A.M. took over the responsibility of keeping the torch of hard work alight for a short period of two years. He was transferred to MES college, Valanchery. After that the task is being carried of well by Mr. Shafeeq V.A. and in 2008, he joined in the Government Service. In February 2009, Mr. M.B.Bindil took over the charge.
The department is proud of bringing the best out of the students with good caliber. With in limited facilities the department has succeeded in creating a number of University, Inter University, State and National level champions in different events especially In Volleyball, Softball, Baseball, Throw ball, Wushu etc. and we are looking forward to keep up the good work in future as well.


Physical Education department offers an Open course “INSIGHT TO HEALTH AND FITNESS” to V Semester degree students.


Lt. M.B.Bindil

Assistant Professor & Head of the Department


Sri. Vijayan ( Selection Grade Lecturer)       – 1968-1998

Sri. A.M.Antony (Selection Grade Lecturer) -1998-2000

Sri. Shafeeq V.A ( Lecturer )                           – 2005-2008