A Research Centre is a facility dedicated to research, commonly with the focus on a specific area. The Dept. has been approved as Research centre in Botany by University of Calicut in 2013 and offers Research Programme leading to PhD in various disciplines of Botany.
1. To promote research among science students and faculties
2. To avail sophisticated instrumentation for research
3. To increase quality of research work
4. To provide a deep knowledge in plant life.
5. To increase the extent of applied research
6. To gives an up-to date level of understanding of plant science
7. To act as a knowledge sharing centre to other school and college students
8. To promote and establish modern scientific research relating to plants
9. To do chemical screening of plants of potential importance
10. To create an awareness among students and community for preserving our plant wealth.

Operational mechanism:

The college had an MOU with Western Ghats Hornbill foundation and Department of Botany from 2010 onwards for facilitating research extension activities prior to the NAAC peer team visit 2012. As per the recommendation of peer team, The College has initiated steps for new courses and opportunities for higher learning. On behalf of this the P G Department of Botany had submitted a proposal for starting Research Centre to College Council. After the meetings of College Council and Management, the Dept. submitted the proposal to University for approval and recognition on 23/06/2012. University accepted the proposal on 04/09/2012 and vice chancellor appointed university peer group including syndicate members for inspection. Committee submitted the report on 16/11/2012. University sanctioned Botany department as a Research centre on 21/01/2013. Now Research centre has appointedDr. Tessy Paul (Christ College) on 16/09/2014; Dr. K G Gearge (Asmabi College) on16/02/2015; Dr. Husain (Govt. KKTM College) 18/02/2014; Dr.MuhammedNazer K.M(Asmabi college) 15/12/15; Dr.Asma V.M., Dr.Girija T.P and Dr.AmithaBachanK.H. were joined as research Guides on 6/1/2017.
First Doctoral committee meeting has been held on 24/06/2015 and at present the research centre has five guides and five students of which two are full time scholars and three are part time scholars. Two full time scholars are qualified for Ph.D and waiting for the next doctoral committee for registration.

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