The College Council consists of the Principal, The Head of the Departments and two representatives from the teaching staff. It is an advisory body on all internal and academic affairs of the college.
The members of the Council are
Dr. A. Biju ,Principal (President)
Jeena P.M. ,H.O.D. of Economics
Dr. T. R. Muralikrishnan ,H.O.D. of English
Dr. Jaisy David ,H.O.D. of Malayalam
Sakkeena M.K. ,H.O.D. of Arabic
Dr. Ranjith. M. ,H.O.D. of Hindi
Dr. Sheeba. N.H. ,H.O.D. of Physics
Princy Francis ,H.O.D. of Commerce
Sanand C. Sadanandakumar ,H.O.D. of Politics
Abdul Naser. U. ,H.O.D. of History
Dr. Kesavan. K. ,H.O.D. of Aquaculture
V. Shailaja ,H.O.D. of Mathematics
Aneesh Antony ,H.O.D. of Chemistry
Lt. M.B. Bindil ,Physical Education
Dr. Mohamed Nasser. K.M. ,H.O.D. of Botany
Mohammed Areej. E.M. ,H.O.D. of Biochemistry
Dr. K.P. Sumedhan ,Director, Self Financing Department
Raneeshabi. P.A. ,H.O.D of Computer Applications
Prasoon. T.P. ,H.O.D of Mass Communication
Sangeetha P.S. ,H.O.D of Psychology
Raji P.B. ,H.O.D of B.Com. Computer Applications
Shiji T.S. ,H.O.D of B.Com. Finance
Shahija V.A. ,H.O.D. of B.B.A.
Reena Mohamed P.M. ,Elected Member
Dr. Amitha Bachan K.H. ,Elected Member
Moideenkutty Thanikkal ,Office Superintendent
Abdul Nazar K.M. ,Librarian